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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Frederick

Woman holding up baby clothesWe’re often asked why a pregnant woman needs chiropractic. Pregnant moms carry significantly more weight than their body is used to. In turn, this increases stress on the back, pelvis and other joints, and can cause pain or discomfort. Making sure the mom-to-be is comfortable and pain-free is good for her and the baby.

What to Expect

Before any treatment, we dive into your health history, including past pregnancies, if any. We ensure there are no extenuating circumstances surrounding the pregnancy. Your health goals are also discussed, such as natural childbirth. This helps with your assessment and care plan.

We’re here to support mom through the weight gain, keeping her digestive process on track, so the baby receives the proper nutrition. All these processes require neurological balance in the body. After adjusting, mom is less tense and has less stress, which helps baby too!

Safe and Effective

Our treatment is safe, effective, gentle and 100% natural. Pregnancy chiropractic works on the bony ligament systems and muscular structures of the pelvis. To prepare for delivery, mom’s body produces hormones to loosen her ligaments. This makes it easier and gentler to do the adjustment. We only use manual manipulation, nothing else.

We adjust pregnant women differently from general chiropractic; your baby is never touched. Special tables and pillows help support and comfort mom during treatment. Pregnancy chiropractic reduces the pain before and during the delivery. Our moms have told us they had a much easier delivery after receiving adjustments during pregnancy.

Relief and So Much More

Chiropractic provides quick, safe relief for back, shoulder, and neck pain, heartburn, headaches, sciatica, and tight hip muscles. Moms also find adjustment helps with morning sickness, sleep issues and more. Statistics show chiropractic care can reduce labor time by as much as 25%. And postpartum recovery is faster!

Questions? We’d Love to Speak with You

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Healing Touch Chiropractic today—we can’t wait to help you experience the best possible pregnancy. Contact us at (301) 328-4929 to get started.


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